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            Company Profile
            Zhejiang Daming Automobile Electronic Co. Ltd is a private enterprise specializing in the production of automobile air-conditioning and acoustic systems, automobile electric appliances’ switch series and located inside of West Industrial Zone...
            The Yueqing City Chamber of Commerce held its Ninth Membership Re… 2012.12.15
            Yueqing held a Charity Conference and our company won the Yueqing… 2012.12.15
            Our company reaches the safety standardization during Yueqing’s … 2012.12.15
            Mastering the pulse of economic policy and avoiding the managemen… 2012.12.15
            Entrepreneurs of over 200,000 enterprises have collected into a p… 2012.12.15
            Our Culture
            Enterprise purpose: scientific and technological innovation, and continuous development
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